Weight loss plateau

I’m sticking to protocol 100%, and I haven’t lost weight in almost three weeks.

C: Scale says 1×7.8
T: What the f*ck, this should be working
F: Frustrated
A: Flailing around in my mind, feeling angry, try to get more strict / restrictive around protocol, negative self talk. Basically I get mad and tell myself that this is impossible.
R: I give up on my impossible goal

In between thought:

T: Plateaus are part of growth – what’s working in the past won’t take me to the future (nothing has gone wrong). This is part of the process of achieving an impossible goal.
F: Acceptance
A: Explore what actions I could take, get curious about my body, recommit to my impossible goal, reassure myself that I can handle feelings of frustration, remind myself that this is all happening FOR me, not to me.
R: I get curious about what else I can do to achieve my goal

Intentional Model

C: Scale says 1×7.8lbs
T: I’m 100% committed to doing whatever it takes
F: Commitment
A: Search ask a coach for Brooke’s recommendations on plateaus, consider cutting out carbs that aren’t veggies, consider lengthening my fasting window. Decide to cut out extraneous carbs that aren’t veggies, and to not have lunch until at least 2pm and dinner not after 8pm. Remind myself that this is part of the process. Mentally prepare to feel hungry before lunch. Reassure myself I know how to be with the feeling of hunger. Consider doing some extended fasts in the future.
R: I keep taking action on my impossible goal until I achieve it.

Open to feedback.