Weight loss plateau

My weight loss seems to have stalled. I am pretty happy with the food I eat to be honest, and I don’t think I need to lose more weight. My weight fluctuates between 1×3 and 1x5lbs for the most part, and I lost about 10lbs.

I eat mostly vegetables and meat/eggs and I don’t avoid dairy or fat. I was fasting before and that’s when I was losing more weight. I wouldn’t eat until 1 pm or 2 pm and it was definitely hard. But I could manage my mind and do it when I really wanted to lose the weight.

I set the goal of 1x8lbs and thought “if I hit this goal, I will believe I can do anything”. That number is about 5-7lbs away from my current weight now.

I travel a lot for my job and eat out all the time so, considering this I think I’m doing pretty good.

But – I still know I didn’t hit my goal.

C: current body weight
T: my weight is fine I don’t need to lose any more
F: apathy
A: I don’t fast, I stick to my protocol, still avoid alcohol, I enjoy joy eats, I exercise. But I still sometimes criticize my body, sometimes I count calories, sometimes I’m a little more daydreamy about food than I’d like.
R: I don’t lose any more weight

C: current body weight
T: I know I didn’t hit my goal
F: failure
A: I don’t try to lose more weight, I create a feeling I want to buffer over, I don’t move forward toward my dreams, I don’t feel good about myself, I feel like I’ve let myself down
R: I don’t hit my goals in weight or life

C: current weight
T: It’s not healthy to try and lose more weight
F: resistance / judgment
A: I don’t allow hunger, I don’t fast (which is what works for me to lose weight)
R: I don’t try to lose more weight

I think what my higher self would like is to lose the damn weight to prove to myself I can do it. Then gain a few pounds back.

But then I also feel like I shouldn’t have to do things to prove it to myself?

All these conflicting thoughts keep me stuck in indecision and inaction.