Weight Loss Problems: Three Weeks In

Hi! I’m looking for some weight loss coaching.

Three weeks ago I started a protocol where I am eating about 2 cups vegetables, 4-6 oz protein, and 1-2 TB of fat for each meal and only eating 2 meals a day. I’ve stuck to this and have also tracked all my food in an app. The calories range from 800-1200 per day total and I weigh and measure everything. I also exercise by walking 2-3 times a week for an hour and by doing Taryn Toomey’s The Class 2-3 times a week (a vigorous 45 minutes of things like burpees and planks).

This protocol has been doable and enjoyable but I am not really losing weight and my digestion has been pretty backed up. I started at 150 three weeks ago (I’m 5’6″) and was 149.7 this morning. I know Brooke gave it 6 weeks when she started but I’m wondering if I should go back to a higher carb, lower fat diet or 3 meals a day or both. I’d appreciate any help.

If it helps to know, I weighed 130 last August and have gained all of this weight over the course of this year because of stress eating large meals and comfort/binge eating junk food like caramel popcorn. I really thought no snacking or overeating would be making a much bigger difference.

I should also say that I’m not necessarily in a hurry (I do know it is not better there than here) but would love to be seeing at least a one pound loss per week so I know I am on the right track. I have definitely built trust with myself through this process of writing it down the day before and not deviating so I will still do that no matter what. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!