Weight loss question

I have a weight loss question. How do you know when you’re at the right body weight or the natural body weight for your body? I am 5’2” and went from 120 lbs to 106. My current goal is 105. I love how my body looks and feels and how my clothes fit! But, I’ve been getting a lot of strange reactions from friends. I’ve heard that I’ve lost “too much” weight and that I “should be done now”. My husband has also joked about me being “too skinny”, but he doesn’t actually seem concerned. I must admit, I thought 110 should be my goal and 105 was sort of the blow my mind goal. But I feel amazing, strong, have a lot of energy and its been relatively easy. I did start Intermittent Fasting last week to try to get to the final goal. So, I’ve been skipping breakfast and it hasn’t been bad at all. But when my friends ask me if I’m still eating, I kind of paused before answering. I mean, yes, I am definitely eating, but I’m not eating sugar or flour or starchy carbs and recently – not eating breakfast. I know they aren’t following you and Stop Overeating, and I didn’t think they would understand if I told them about IF. So my other question is, is there any way to make sure I am being healthy? Or is it literally all about how I think and feel?