Weight loss question

Hi Brooke, I’ve just joined scholars, and am going through the stop overeating workshop materials. I started a “mini protocol” after watching the weight loss webinar a couple of weeks ago (I cut out snacks, and cut flour and sugar – eating more veggies / protein / fat). I’m already seeing big changes and have noticed over the last day or so that I’m fat adapted (yay!). I’m going to create a full protocol with an 8 hour eating window.

Since I have a lot of certainty that this is going to work, one concern has been popping up for me. I lost a lot of weight 15 years or so ago on Weight Watchers (I hit the 135 pound threshold…for about a day, lol). I am 5′ 6.5″. At the time I was pretty tiny everywhere except for my belly, which had a wee bit of a roll still (since that’s where I store most of my fat). I was pleased with most of my body, but my boobs were quite deflated, and people were telling me that my face was much too skinny (I don’t gain a ton of weight in my face).

The concern I’ve been having the last few days is that since I know this is going to work for me, when I get to the stage of weight loss where I risk my boobs being deflated and my face being too skinny, how will I stop my weight loss before hitting that point (even though that might be the place that is best for the rest of my body, I don’t feel like I’d feel like “me”).

I’m worried that I’ll get on such a roll that I’ll blow past that point, and wondered if you can advise on how to stabilize and stop going down when you are on a roll. I feel like knowing how to deal with that and dealing with the thoughts / feelings I have about this will help me feel more at ease with the whole weight loss process (which is exciting, but also a bit foreign to be in the place of having to figure out the potential issues of success).

Thank you!