Weight loss: strange results?


I’ve been on a no sugar no flour protocol for a few weeks as well as fasting from 9pm – 12noon (still working on the 8 Pounds Down work from June!). However, I went totally off protocol the last few days, enjoying lots of pasta, pizza, sweets and bread, and adding in breakfast (my husband requested I make homemade granola and I’ve been eating it too!). I’ve been trying to keep the quantities reasonable, so not eating to overful, but I’ve definitely not been adding any pieces to the Urge Jar either!

The strange thing is, I initially gained 0.1 kg, and now have lost 0.3kg since Friday. I am trying to approach it with a spirit of curiosity, as I really wasn’t expecting to LOSE weight, was just hoping not to gain too much with the lack of protocol. But I am starting to wonder if maybe my original protocol was counterproductive. Do you have any idea of why weight loss might keep happening even with no real effort to manage my eating?