Weight Loss Struggle

Hi Brooke,
I am struggling big time with my weight loss. I started out strong believing my impossible 14 pound weight loss and it made me feel so great and positive each morning as I did my positive thought download. I even backed off my intense training a bit and have been using exercise as a form of relaxation rather than weight loss mechanism which has been really nice.

I saw the scale go down 2 pounds felt overall leaner and positive. This week I’m back up 2 pounds and the leanness has gone away. I’m super frustrated and feel like this is never going to work for me. I’ve reduced the amount of food that I eat by a lot and feel like I am going to have to reduce it even more to see results which seems very low. I used to have a very restrictive mindset around food (which I have since healed – or thought I healed) and now feel as though I am going down the wrong path. And at the same time not losing weight feeling like I am deluding myself that I will ever get down to my goal weight.

Please help. My Positive Download did not make me feel any more positive.