Weight loss: stuck in a rut thoughts

Good morning. This month I’m focusing on weight loss & also on improving the food culture in my family. For example, I’ve planned 3 homecooked meals as a family each week at the table & already followed through on that & loving it. However, in my daily thought downloads & models I keep coming back to the thought of ‘being stuck in a rut’. This is despite the fact that this last year there have been significant positive changes in my professional & personal life. This thought (and accompanying feelings) keeps being there.

Often it is linked to the number on the scales, I’ve noticed, which despite my efforts remain stuck. For context, I’ve lost 15+ kg in the last years, and now am ‘stuck’ on the last 5 kg and keep being at exactly the same weight. I’ve implemented a no flour no sugar regime this month, and a fasting window of 16/8 hours which I love. Yet nothing is shifting on the scales this month.

I am normally an energetic & hopeful person & dislike the ‘poor me’ attitude in myself, yet I was dismayed to look at my model today. See below:

This is today’s unintentional model:
C: number on scales today
T: I expected a big ‘whoosh’ weight loss today and instead was stuck & there was even a small increase on the scales: I’m stuck in a rut!
F: discouraged
A: leads to fatalism thoughts – ‘I’m stuck! nothing is happening! I’m trying everything, what more can I try?’
more likely to avoid looking at plan with fresh eyes and consider what’s going on (though to my credit I did do this earlier this morning and thought about portions)
expands to beating myself up in other areas too: noticed in my thought download today lots of ‘self pity’ thoughts about aging (I’m 48), tiredness, being in a rut at work, in my home, with my family
risk wanting to change my meal plan without having given it proper time
think: I’m doing it wrong
Think: how much time should I give this plan?
starting my day with a gloomy feeling and keep telling myself ‘it’s all the same every day, nothing changes’
R: create a ‘stuck in a rut’ mood far beyond my weight