Weight loss THEN 5 pounds stronger

Hi Coach,

Losing weight and building muscle are two DIFFERENT things. I think Brooke recommends the person who wants to lose weight do the weight loss work first.

I’m 53 and 5’4. Today I’m two pounds down at 136.6 lbs. My goal weight is 120 lbs. I am using intermittent fasting. I’ve gotten to 120 lbs before. I am certain I am capable of getting back there.  (I got there using intermittent fasting ) I DID NOT manage my mind, made poor food decisions over and over, and here I am. After I’ve gotten to 120 lbs, I want to build five pounds of muscle using the 5 pounds stronger course.

Is this the order?


Would you recommend I stop losing weight at 125 lbs and start building muscle from there?

Thank you!