Weight loss – Thoughts during urges


I have started to do the Urge Jar and watched the Stop Overeating classes. I’ve started to lose some weight and allow my urges.

But some of them are stronger. I understand really well that even if they are stronger, I need to allow them and feel them, but during these urges, my mind goes crazy and starts to make me doubt if what I’m doing is healthy, if this is the right thing for me, saying that I won’t be able to maintain this allowing urges strategy for life etc… The problem is that in the moment, I believe it, and the answer to this is to go and give in to the urge.

I am not able to take a step back between these thoughts and allow them. It goes really, really fast in my mind.

Sometimes, it is a bit different. I know I should allow urges, and I know that what I’m doing is not on protocol, but I cannot find the willingness to take a step back and allow the urge. I feel like a drug addict who just wants the food.

How would you deal with these 2 things?

Thank you very much!