Weight maintenance – Reprogramming certain beliefs

Today I weigh 60.2 kg. Yesterday I weighed 58.9 kg and the day before 58.1. My weight goal is to be stable at 55.5 kg and in any case not to exceed 57 kg.

I was in this range of 55 to 57 kg for several months and I don’t understand why for some time I’m above it and have trouble going down. I have my own idea though. The way I eat hasn’t changed much, my protocol is still the same and I follow it pretty well. But there is one thing that has changed: for some time now I have been trying to focus on “stopping overeating”, that is, stopping eating when I am no longer hungry. Because even though I was at my ideal weight, I still often had that bloated feeling at the end of meals.

Also, lately I had some arguments with my boyfriend about the fact that I was buying “too much” and preparing “too much” according to him while he didn’t necessarily want to eat what I was preparing and planning. And I noticed that I tend to eat even when my boyfriend didn’t want to eat what I had planned. I would eat his portion – even when I’m not hungry anymore – from a sense of rebellion.

Another time when I tend to eat more than I am hungry is when I am invited: at the time of the aperitif, I eat a lot of nuts and other dried fruits or foods without sugar and flour, and arrive at the meal with a full stomach. I then finish the meal with a fact located at 7 or 8 on the hunger scale, whereas I would rather stay at 2/10 maximum after the aperitif to be at 4 or 5/10 maximum after the meal and the cheese (i.e. the belly full but not excessively swollen, so that I would still be able to go for a walk).

Thanks to this, I realized that in fact there are certain aspects that I “push back” by saying to myself “I don’t want my weight to be an issue anymore, especially since that’s what I guarantee to my clients with my coaching program.” But as a result, there are thoughts that I don’t deal with and that remain limiting beliefs. So I realized that in reality I still believe that:
– I am not able to stop eating when I am not hungry anymore
– I can’t leave food on my plate
– I make a mess because I don’t plan for the right amount
– I still overeat whereas I would like to be able to stop when I have enough
– I like to eat in large quantities, I can’t change my belief that “I’m someone who eats small quantities to save energy for other things than digesting. I eat the amounts that are enough to give my body the fuel it needs.
– I am not able to stay stable at the kilos, I am always yo-yoing
– I am afraid that others will say that I have a problem with my weight because I still think about it and I am not stable and I still often eat “too much.”

Any tips to guide me in my self-coaching? I’m hesitant to take the “New belief” worksheet and work on each of them. I’m a little afraid that it will take time but I also know that it could be worth it. I also think that writing to you and having your coaching on the above thoughts could help me gain awareness and maybe change my beliefs faster (and have faster results as well).

Thank you very much in advance!