Weight spiking when I eat flour/sugar then dropping

Hi Coaches and Brooke:

First off, love ya’ll. This work is game-changing, thank you for it.

Second: question about my weight. I’ve been losing weight pretty steadily and have gone down to 146 lbs (from 174!) which has been awesome. This past weekend I bunch of sugar and flour, which I don’t do, and yesterday (when I was back on protocol for the past day) I saw my weight hike up to 156.9 on the scale, when 5 days before that it was 146.0. I weighed myself today and was back down to 146.6 again. A ten pound difference in a day. I know I didn’t gain or lose 10 lbs so fast, but I have found this happens often – that after I eat flour and sugar my weight spikes up real high on the scale and then drops back down a few days later. Could you help me understand what is happening here?