Weight thought help

Hi there!
I am a lifecoach. I know thought work, watching my brain and working the model… and, I am really struggling with the counterproductive thoughts in my head in regard to weight loss.

I have really won the battle of self-loathing when looking in the mirror. This is not the body I should be in the rest of my life. That used to totally keep me home and avoiding social anything. Now I look and am thankful for me and my body and am enjoying a social life again.

My struggle is the yo-yo and lately, not so much yo-yo, rather purely stuck. I make a protocol, follow it for a week or so, and bail.
My thoughts are a combination of:
This will never work. Your body just doesn’t work like everyone else’s
I am totally missing out-why me?
This sucks
This won’t work
I hate that I can’t dress like I want
This won’t work
That’s not me when I look in the mirror.

I eat & drink and feel out of control and need help with my thought work. Where to begin? How can I lose this weight without feeling like I am missing out and that it WILL work?