weightloss and loving my body

Help with models please, I have 2 that seem to be connected, I started with 1 and then separated them.

I’ve lost 15 lbs total, was 17 gained 2 this week.

C- Weight loss
T- I need to lose weight faster
F- Panic
A- obsess about weight, Don’t write food down 24 hours in advance, Not allow urges, eat snacks of protocol foods (veggies), but shouldn’t be snacking.
R- No weight loss

C- Body
T- I still don’t like the way I look in the mirror (undressed), If I’m dressed I feel pretty good.
A- obsess about weight loss, self pity
R- Still don’t like the way I look

IM: Weight loss
T- Don’t be in a rush you can be just as happy now as after you lose weight (Still trying to believe this)
F- Content ?
A- Take time to work on my thoughts about me, Not in a hurry. ???
R- slow and steady weight loss with improved thoughts about myself

IM: C- Body (I worked from the bottom up on this one…)
T- I’m learning to love my body
F- hopeful (seems more negative than positive)
A- self care, be nice to myself, give myself some compassion
R- Loving myself in the moment