Weightloss Model

I’m struggling for years with overeating. I’m now 33 years old, summer is coming in France, I’ve gained 7 kgs after a difficult breakup with my boyfriend two years ago. Now I’m feeling better, I have a lot of projects, I’ve even run my first marathon last week. But those 7 kgs are still here, for more than a year now, even with the Marathon objective I could not stop overeating. I’ve lost some weight, then gained the weight back, and so on. I’ve noticed that I’m always entering into the same circle: I need to lose weight very quickly (because summer is there, because I have this event, etc), I quit sugar, restrain carbs (rices, potatoes, etc), eat a lot of veggies, etc. I can do this during a few days, and then I have a massive overeating crisis. The crisis repeats everyday because I’m like “well, it’s the last time before a massive restriction to be thin, so enjoy”, but the next day I tell myself the same thing, etc. I end up totally desperate over my weight, and I start the loop again.
I’m at the beginning of the loop: 7 kgs and cellulite that don’t allow me to wear shorts and summer dresses. And I’m totally freaking out, I’m desperate, I’m blaming myself and starting to plan for massive restriction like it will be different this time, or even considering to quit immediately and just eat ice-cream (I feel pathetic)
This is the model I’ve written:
C 67kg + cellulite over my thighs
T I’m ugly and can’t be confortable now that summer is there
F Sadness, despair
A I’m looking for comfort
R I overeat and become even more fat

I’d like to change this model to get a different result, do you think it’s possible?
My idea:
C 67kg + Cellulite
T Don’t worry, it’s temporary, you’ll get result if you eat healthy
F Trust
A I respect the food protocol
R I lose the weight

I’m not sure of the thinking. I have also : “if you lose 3kg, you can wear your dresses, if you lose, 5kg, you can wear shorts. 3kg it’s nothing, no big deal, no pressure”

Well, I’m afraid this won’t be enough to help me stay on track. I’m following Brooks’ stopovereating workshops and I’m starting intermittent fasting, but I’m afraid that at the very first occasion I will lose track, forget my goal, and overeat sugar. And I’m so sad to look like this whereas summer is coming that I put a lot of stress on myself and I know it’s counterproductive

Thanks a lot for your help, I have no idea if you can help or not, just let me know