Weird Mind Situation – Part 2

Wow. My brain did not like your “I Don’t Buffer Anymore” suggestion! I almost started to cry when I read that twice and got what it meant. THAT really surprised me. I think my mind went… “WTF?!? NOOOOOOOOO!”

So I wrote down the ways I buffer every day … Food, Facebook, iPhone, Email, Gum, Ask Brooke Site (I discovered that refreshing the “Ask Brooke” page, awaiting new replies is a new way to buffer)… and I told myself I would NOT be doing these things.

Well, it didn’t take long for my mind to cough up what the problem was. My mind basically said… “Okay, fine. Here’s the deal. You’re SO CLOSE to launching your life coaching business. Everything up to now has prepared you. Speaking, writing, marketing, etc. You’re ready. BUT WHAT IF… it doesn’t work out. WHAT IF… the #1 dream you’ve had since you saw Tony Robbins on TV as a teenager and said “I want to do THAT!” you fail at? What if the ONLY real thing you want to do – you suck at – and you’re left with nothing? Better to sit here in your familiar state of dissatisfaction and wonder ‘What Might Have Been…’ Than to actually TRY and discover you will never achieve your dream. Wondering is better than death. Do not die. No die.”

Egad. I realized this was just “failing in advance”. So scared that if I fail at the only thing I want to do, I’ll be left with… what? Nothing? I think my mind thinks “Without a dream, there’s death”. So OF COURSE it would be protecting me by piling on the buffering – because I’ve made this “Success” or “Death” – and right now, at least we’re alive. My mind is like… “KEEP DISTRACTING! THIS. IS. WORKING. STILL ALIVE!”

And then I had to laugh – because I had a little conversation with my mind, saying… “Oh wow. That would be terrible. But you know what… if all 7 billion humans in the world reject my life coaching (which, c’mon mind, let’s agree that’s laughable)… I’m STILL a ‘Life Coach’. I’m MY OWN life coach. It’s you and me, kid – and in the unlikely event that NOT ONE human on the Planet Earth wants to be life coached by me – well, I can coach MYSELF on that. So I’ll always have one super-excited client – awaiting my help. So I’ve already GOT the dream, kid. Now we just have to SHARE IT and see how big it can go!”

That helped a ton! Once I pulled back the curtain and realized that my fear is unfounded – and that I get to live my dream REGARDLESS of what anyone else says or anyone else’s approval… I can start creating and enjoy the process… knowing that SOMEWHERE out in the 7 billion people… my people are waiting for me. There may only be a few hundred… or a few dozen… but I’ll never know if I sit here, endlessly buffering, because I’m afraid to see what’s on the other side of my dream. And even if there’s NOT a few dozen, I got me. Because my dream is NOT to become super-famous or super-rich as a Life Coach. It’s just to have the skills and serve. And is the world’s worst-ever case scenario were to happen – I can always just life coach me! One less human on the planet earth suffering: Mission Accomplished! 😀

WOW! All from one little thought… “I Do Not Buffer Anymore”. Thanks for that thought. It shook a lot of good stuff out. Full speed ahead!!!

Much Love! 😀