Weird Mind Situation

Have you ever had your mind refuse to do a model when you’re feeling bad or out-of-sorts? I’ve been procrastinating all day on work I need to do – and I keep thinking “I need to do a model on this” and instead, I go eat something. And then I check Facebook for a while – and then I think “I really, really need to do a model on this” – and my brain goes, “nope”. And then the sun goes down and I’m thinking “Dang. I wasted an entire day. I bet the model on this would be fascinating. I could do models ON TOP of models”. And my brain says “I don’t think so”. It’s not an argument – just my mind going “No thank you. No models right now.” Does that ever happen to you? Or, if not, am I going batty? I’m like… “Models will save me! Models will make me productive! Models will me live a better life!” and my brain’s like “Don’t care”. Feels weird. Thoughts?