Well..that happened.

I haven’t done a model because I can’t wrap my head around what just happened.

I was feeling great! My new belief is: I am capable and worthy of making a six figure income. I added value at work, was granted a 15k annually raise. I have been putting effort into my side jobs to earn more money and have been on track for my six figure income.

I had a baby a year ago, I have 3 children.. they are 3 and under. Sometimes I forget things like updating my car registration, and remembering to update my student loan debt information. Well I’m paying for it. Literally, with my income tax return.

I don’t know where to start with all of this. All was going well, so I thought. Now I feel further behind than before I had a big raise and side jobs. Help me coach myself through my new struggles, please, and thank you… My husband could also use some good thoughts and mojo.