We’re a family of 4

Hi Brooke! Checking in again from the land of infertility. I have written to you a couple of times about the issues that we are experiencing and wanted to get your thoughts about this thought in particular.

I have a thought that “We’re a family of 4, and right now we’re just waiting for our littlest member to arrive.” That thought does not cause me pain. I have been amazed, as the watcher, of how quickly I will move on from each set back just to get us moving back on this path to our little member. But, we’re nearing the end. And we may just be a family of 3 and that thought is so, so hard for me. I am so incredibly grateful for my daughter, and the thought that is hard for me is that she wont be a sister – it just kills me that I wont be able to give to her.