What about body pain?

You know how sometimes scholars get super excited about what they’re learning and suddenly want to coach the world? Well, I’m not wanting to coach the world but I have noticed myself nonchalantly offering free coaching to my husband. 😉 He finds it absolutely hilarious that I have a life coach. Don’t worry – we watched your new “I’m proud to be a life coach, so stuff it” video together. He teases me and we banter but when it comes right down to it, we have an awesome marriage and we both recognize how much this “coaching stuff” has helped me – and therefore the world around me, aka him and the kids.

More recently, I openly offered to help him get rid of some of the negativity in his (our) life surrounding his running. It’s just the model, right? Find out what he’s thinking and offer some new thoughts. So, turns out he’s scared of getting old and not being able to run and not having that outlet and and and… After prodding a bit further, I find out that he is all sorts of nervous and anxious about his knees. They hurt and “feel sloppy.” He’s afraid of blowing a knee and needing surgery. So the F is definitely fear. The C appears to be pain in the knees. And that’s kind of where I get stuck. How do we find thoughts that appropriately manage real pain in our physical bodies? (In this specific instant and in general.) His pain is legitimate. And he might very well blow a knee and need surgery (with or without running). I’m ALL IN with this coaching and model stuff and 150% believe that thoughts can change circumstances. But I’m stuck on this connection between physical pain and mental work.

As always, thanks for your love and insight!