What Action to take during December?


I haven’t been as regular as I want to be in preparing for my Impossible Goal in 2020.
I have consciously been indulging in a lot of confusion. One of my excuses is that I don’t know what to do about my goal during December. I chose the impossible goal of starting an online business selling artisanal wares and using the income earned to travel to 10 different cities during the year in an abundant way.

Confusion: I created my 25 worthy fails and have made sure that they are results, not actions! And now my brain says “what now?”
My question: Do I leave taking action towards my fails until the start of the New Year when the first quarter begins? Or should I begin taking action now?

One bad habit I used to indulge in the past was starting something, succeeding at it and then letting it wane and die out. Which is what I absolutely DO NOT want to do this year. I would like some advice on whether December is more about passive action, in the sense of doing all the HW, watching all the videos, maybe starting a course like the money or entrepreneur course to set up for next year,
or should I start taking actions towards my 25 fails now?