What am I afraid of ?

Wow Brooke!
First off.
Great design for your new training school. My favorite part is the break out rooms. I can imagine what it will be like for your small group trainings to be so effective this way.
My experience in seminars is finding it so distracting to be in one large room with clusters of small groups doing exercises and its noisy and has been challenging for me. So I can see this design will serve your training so much better.
As for me I am Just thrilled at this months training on mastering emotional balance. This is exactly what I need. Since I joined in August I have been consuming and consuming with only small bits of application.
But the small bits have shifted me in ways I never imagined. Such as an ability to observe my hunger urges and not respond every time, but just watch and feel and move past the urge.
Each week I find myself making little shifts that I am amazed by.
I am also loving my self in ways that I only dreamed of before, for example I have stopped eating beef, pork and chicken.

This one small dream now realized, can only lead to grander ones. Imagining now if I had actually did the written work what else might have happened?

I am looking forward to what this month opens up for me as I feel nervous, yet now I know I can be nervous and watch it and feel it do the model and move through it.

What am I afraid of that prevents me from doing the writing?
This month I am going to just go for it! I have you and your team and this incredible model. Thanks Brooke.
I am ready to dive into the emotions both pleasant and unpleasant.
Let’s Rock !
Julia Hunsinger