What am I not getting


As a scholar since January, I am so grateful for this program. Thank you for making this work affordable for so many.

I have seen a lot of growth in myself and my thinking.
I am taking more responsibility for my thoughts and emotions.
I have learned to be a watcher of my thoughts and to coach myself through those thoughts I am working on changing.
I am choosing emotional adulthood — even if I have to run models to get there in some situations.

A small sampling of my new thoughts are
I understand and appreciate how my T, F and A are connected
I have a choice in how to think intentionally and I choose to do so.
I have a happier, more peaceful approach to my days
My thoughts and feelings are my responsibility and the thoughts and feelings of others’ are their responsibility
This is daily work with a lifetime commitment and I am grateful that I know this

There are other thoughts:
I feel a desire to continue making progress
There is a next best version of me so close but I haven’t yet found the thoughts/actions to access it
I have been a watcher of this for a time
I am allowing this without judgement (I think)
I am so excited to see what is next
What questions do I need to ask myself to move forward

Do you have any thoughts or direction for me?