What am I thinking when I’m not writing?

I’m still procrastinating my writing, so I know I haven’t arrived at the point where I’ve changed my thoughts enough to take massive action and get the results I want. I think it’s because I haven’t really gotten at the root thought behind it? Or could there be some other reason? Here are a couple of models I’ve experimented with-

C – Writing
T – I’m afraid of being judged for this
F – Scared
A – Procrastinate
R – Writing doesn’t get done

C – Writing
T – I’m a social person, I hate the loneliness of writing
F – Lonely
A – Text or go out instead of write
R – I text or go out and don’t write

C – Schedule my writing
T – I hate schedules, I want to be free!
F – Trapped
A – Disobey the schedule
R – Do not write

The thing is, I could easily overcome any of these thoughts, and I do under other circumstances (I can get judged, I can be alone, I can have a schedule)…just not for writing. So I think I’ve got the wrong thoughts. I’ve tried to move past the thoughts anyway, whatever they are, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Any advice for uncovering the real thought that creates my writing procrastination? Thank you!