What are the result for should thoughts


I was thinking of how thoughts always show up in the result line and that the result becomes yet another piece of evidence that can be used to “prove” the original thought.

What kind of results comes from “should” thoughts?

For example, as a thought: I should call my mom (when I don’t want to).

I feel like sometimes my actions from that thought create the result of not calling her. And other times, they create the result of calling her, but from a negative place.

Maybe the result, in that case, is something like: not creating a connection with mom. Can this be phrased better to show the connection between the Thought and Result lines? Do you have any suggestions?

Other similar should statements are:
I should get X done today
I should have sex

Is there a good way to think about how”should” thoughts look like in the R line for any given model?

Is there a section I could learn from specifically on should statements?