What Are the Thoughts I’m Thinking that are Causing me Not to Take Action

I love scholars! If I didn’t have anything else to do I could honestly just consume this information ALL DAY because I need every area! hmmm…maybe that is the struggle between action and consuming?

Anyhow, I’m doing my thought download this morning. Yesterday, I had an unexpected cancellation from my client which left my day freed up to work on business and some financial stuff I wanted to get done. Yet, I didn’t get very far. I was left feeling frustrated and disappointed with myself.

I set 4-5 goals I wanted to accomplish and I didn’t really get too much done and it’s becoming a pattern — days, weeks and months are going by and I’m not making much headway in my business. I always want to put like 3-5 goals and have a hard time picking one! Although for the thought download I try to stick to one for your book. I usually have at least 3 goals I set for the day. It’s not always all business so it might be drink 80 oz. and I also have another business that I do make money that gets in the way of building my coaching business. Other days it could be quite a few goals especially yesterday since I was off. It left me feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and anxiousness sets in (although I’m not normally anxious but I think that is the feeling I’m feeling).

My goals for yesterday –
1) Spend 1.5 hrs in Scholars, DONE (spent a bit more than 1.5 hours more like 2+)
2) Download videos to my laptop from phone to edit, SOME got downloaded and don’t know why others don’t so I was on YouTube trying to figure this out — didn’t get much accomplished. I’m also set to go to a class tonight at the Apple Store for video editing (I hope this is going to help me for future)
3) Go over them and try to edit them (I have no idea what I’m doing), I LOOK AT THEM AND want to change the actual video I did completely or have more ideas and want to create more. I think the one I did are not good enough (which they aren’t). It’s not that I’m looking for perfection. I honestly think I need to change them to convey what I’d like and so far I’m still learning and new ideas are coming in that I think would be best.
4) go over finances and bills, (TOTALLY didn’t do this and w/the avoidance all month – it popped into my mind late last night right before bed that I didn’t pay a bill. So last night, I’m setting up bill payment for one specific bill via my phone and realize I now have a late charge) (btw, most all of my bills with exception of a few are paid automatically online — however I AVOID to see if I actually have enough money to cover them all w/the income that is or that is not coming in). I’m not really sleeping well because of my worry of finances.
5) Call new tax preparer – I have been avoiding finding a new one for the fear that I’m going to owe a lot of money with all the tax law changes. My tax lady retired at the end of 2018.
6) Create content for business – I didn’t put anything out. I have one I started the other day that was led from inspiration from another post I saw on SM. But it was mostly about things I’m currently not doing so how can I put that out. 🙁

So in my February HW/thought download this morning I’m struggling to figure what thoughts I’m thinking that is causing my in-action or avoidance. BTW, I also had an appt with the orthodontist for my kids after school, from there one errand, and then before you knew it it was time to cook dinner to cook for my family. So I’m not twiddling my thumbs watching TV but the overall picture for having the day off I didn’t get much accomplished.

I realize I could literally have several models on each one of these goals. For the purpose of my current thought download HW, I wrote it down as a whole. Should I actually break each one down and do the model? Possibly that will help with the frustration/overwhelm/anxiousness I’m feeling.

C – I’m not taking action in business and finances
T – ???
F – I’m feeling frustrated, anxious, fearful and bad about myself
A – I’m avoiding finances and not making progress/action in business
R – Didn’t finish anything I set out to do for the day (nothing gets done)

So when I do this model – what thoughts are creating this? Also how do I change it? That is the part I need to master!!!! Change!!!