What Can’t I Learn Already ???

I am making tons of progress in all aspects of my life but seems like this one area is not improving – my husband acts like a total possessive mother fucker around our recently purchased property , on which we work to make it pretty and stunning and rent it on Airbnb , he spends full time on it , I go to work and come up 3 times a week on my days off . I understand that I can’t change him , I’m much better at accepting but I go off ones in a while and that’s not pretty – i just hate him at those moments and want to run away . Finding different thoughts are not feasible at those moments – I need intermediate thoughts . I have been implementing boundaries and that’s amazing , it’s just those moments that if i miss my time to sneak out of the house , I give in into madness and react . Then victim bullshit starts and I’m in a puddle of own misery and that sucks. Please , fix me up , dear coaches 😊