What category of emotion is "should"ing?

Hello coaches! I am observing my brain “should”ing all over myself, as in: I should send my friend a podcast, I should read about how to coach my friend, I should have started working a half hour ago. What category of emotion is this? Through practicing TDLs, I can see when a series of thoughts are really all 1 emotion. For example, when I observe a lot of “I don’t care”s or “fuck it”s, I know it’s really apathy. Or when I observe a lot of “I wish someone else would do this” or “Why do I have to do this?”, I know it’s really self-pity. So what underlying emotion is “I should”? And what is the anti-dote emotion? Like I know I have to get to love and caring as the antidote for apathy, so my intentional models work on getting those in the F line. And for self-pity, I work on self-confidence as the antidote. What’s the antidote for “I should”? Thank you! I am loving the work we get to do every month!