What constitutes an urge?

I’m curious about how you would define an urge. My brain really wants the bead, even for urges(?) that seem minimal. Let’s say I’m putting food back in the pantry and my eyes see the bag of nuts. Brain says “I see nuts! I love nuts! Let’s grab some!” but I immediately chuckle and say….nah, not so fast….that’s not on the plan. I walk away and carry on w my day. I didn’t process some overbearing urge, but I’ve avoided a buffering behavior that I’ve routinely engaged in over and over in the past.

So my silly primal brain just wants to know…..do I get the bead or not?!

My prefrontal has decided to get the bead next time this happens. And I like my reason for it: things are going well with eating on plan and I deserve the recognition for legimately avoiding a bad habit. And if things get harder tomorrow or next week I have started collecting beautiful beads to remind myself how awesome I’ve been and to stay the course!

I’m just wondering if you see any evidence of problematic thinking here.

PS. I listened to the How Not to be Stuck podcast and “I did that for YOU” is becoming one of my fav lines! Thanks