What do I do with my life?

I am new to the LCS and discovered Brooke through her podcast. The idea that life is 50/50 is completely mind blowing to me. My whole life I have frantically chased different circumstances based on thinking that if I just got XYZ, then I’d be 100% happy and free from negative emotion. I thought that if I got a job at my dream organization, got married, had a baby, etc. then I’d be happy but of course I still feel negative emotions and am finally learning to feel the feelings and am shocked to find that I can survive feeling a negative feeling.

My question is – how do I make decisions going forward? Right now I have the opportunity to accept a promotion and move to a new city. I previously wanted those things because I thought they’d make me happy, but now I see that they (or any circumstance) won’t. So how do I decide whether or not to move forward with these things or not? Can you point me to any resources/videos on how to decide what you want to do? Thank you so much.