What do I do with the intense feelings of deprivation?

Hi, Newbie here, and I have a 2 part question.

1. I just joined and watched Brooke’s Start videos and the Video of the month on Weight Loss and I’m shook. I am not a journaling type person. I start the day with the intention but as everything picks up, I cant keep up with it.

2. I have 100+lbs I need to lose and Brooke talks in her video about fasting and my meal doesn’t have to taste good and I could feel just a taste of deprivation starting to come up, I stopped dieting because I KNEW I can’t do it anymore, this sounds very diety and one of the reasons I cant do that anymore is noise and crazy feelings around deprivation are so intense that I cave and then end up bingeing. What are we supposed to do when we journal what we are going to eat and the mind craves something outside of what we write down and then the conflict starts?