What do I have to do at the end of my model ? Day 2 exercice

I finished my daily work and I picked up my first thought from my thought download : who am I ?
I tried to exercise on my model which is :
C : people often tell me I’m an exhausting person
T : I’m a really tiring person
F : hurt, upset, vex
A : I sulk or substantiate
R : people think I’m really exhausting

Then I wonder what do I have to do now ?

I have another question : I read and heard “I’m willing to feel any feeling” a lot but what if I’m not ? What if I’m afraid feeling negative emotions ? Which model could I work on to go on with this thought ?

Thank you for your support and sorry if my English is not so good (I’m a french scholar and I’m feeling amazing being able to understand 99% of podcast and booklet but perhaps my English writing is not as good as my comprehension)