What Do I Think About Self-Coaching?

I have joined SCS few months ago. I have several goals I am aiming to accomplish, one of which is losing 25 pounds.
Intellectually I understand the Desire, Pleasure, Primitive Brain and all that Jazz.
In practice, I find that I need to pause so many times, run models, be 100% aware of every thought that comes to me, because the default is so much quicker and more efficient than my intentions to eat on protocol.

And then this morning I thought that thinking that coaching myself is difficult, takes so much effort, and takes so much time are thoughts that only burden me more. And that I should think of self-coaching differently and not as another chore I need to do.

So I would like to run my models by you:

Unintentional Models On Self-Coaching:

C= Self-coaching
T= This takes so much time, it’s too hard and tiring, my default mode is so much more efficient
F= unmotivated, deflated, frustrated
A= Give up on coaching myself
R= Not achieve goals

Intentional Models On Self-Coaching:

C= Self-coaching
T= ???
F= (I want to feel) motivated, committed
A= Self-coach, follow protocol
R= Achieve goals, grow

I cannot seem to find what thoughts will make me feel motivated and committed towards coaching myself, because I currently see it as a burden, frustrating and tiring chore.
I would love your help on that!