What does Brooke mean when she says …

My study of the first 15 pages of the June manual on Self-Confidence raised two questions. Your insights would be much appreciated!

1. On page 5, Brooke states that failure is an emotion. I can understand how fear (including the fear of failure) is an emotion. But doesn’t failure go on the “C” line, as in, “I failed the exam”? Isn’t that a circumstance or event–or even a result or outcome?

2. On page 6, Brooke writes, “The ability to feel is like our safety net for anything we want to do. It takes the risk out of everything. …” I don’t understand that. What does she mean by, “The ability to feel … takes the risk out of everything …”? Can you state this concept in a different way so I have a better chance of grasping it?

This module on self-confidence really scratches where I itch. I was a bit surprised to read that most of us aren’t self-confident. Whew! I somehow assumed I was in the minority. I don’t suppose it makes any difference that I’m in the majority. But somehow I find that comforting.

Thanks for helping this newbie understand things a little better.