What does "value" look like

Hi Brooke,
I love the podcast “Actions in spite of negative emotions” and I’ve listened several times. I love the concept of creating value rather than just putting in time. I noticed that from the outside it seems like I work tremendously hard because I put in a lot of hours, but the episode made me realize that for all these years I have had the mindset of trying to reduce my work whenever possible and maximize my time off (my brain told me it was for my own survival because I am “so busy”). My goal is to shift my focus to creating value, and I think this would be tremendously helpful in reducing some of the burnout that I experience from time to time. The idea that I may not even be working at my full capacity gives me a lot of inspiration!

That’s where I get stuck however. I’m currently in my medical residency, so any value I provide doesn’t translate to dollars or clients quite yet as we all have a fixed salary and patient panel until we graduate. I think “value” could look like my patients feeling heard and understood (though how would I know??), or feeling like I provided excellent care for their issue, or I could create value for myself by taking advantage of any training opportunity I come across so that I have maximized my competency as much as possible by the time I go into the workforce. Am I on the right track?

Thank you!