What exactly does coaching yourself mean?

I know – it’s the whole premise of self coaching scholars. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Exactly what does this mean I should be doing every day and if so is it all day? I was reading a brochure/magazine and a master coach mentions she coaches herself everyday – what exactly does that mean?

Am I just catching myself in thoughts and interrupting the thought and redirecting it constantly?
Is the HW alone self coaching?
Is it doing a model everyday on yourself?

I understand that our thoughts create everything. Does it come automatically or without resistance to think a thought you deliberately want to think? I find that when I want or should redirect a thought I might say yes, I can think that but how when I really don’t believe it. I just say it. It seems fake and then I go about my day but am I really thinking that? I don’t know. How do you tell the difference? Results? When do they show up? I’m waiting patiently lol!

I also find I can be in a constant learning mode and want to do this all day if I could — could that also be buffering? I’ve been trying to schedule it for a certain amount of time and then move into working on business and also applying but the later has not happened yet. And, I’m wondering if I’m buffering to avoid working on my business.

Thank you so much Brooke! I really LOVE Scholars!!!