What exactly to eat to lose weight.

Hi Brooke. I’ve gone through the Overeating workshop and am doing the work but I’m confused about what to eat so that I can lose weight. I don’t eat sugar or flour, gluten, wheat, dairy or any processed food. My diet is currently veggies (about a cup – cauliflower, carrots, brussel srpouts) with salmon and some fat (avocado or tahini). I eat that twice a day within the fasting window of 12-8 pm and haven’t lost weight. I have wine maybe once or twice a week (a couple of glasses) and i’m coming off a base of a very clean diet for many years due to managing Hashimoto’s and now getting back to normality after being on Thyroxine for 6 weeks. Reading your protocol it looks like my diet should fit in but then i’m confused if i should be eating more fat, less protein and even less veggies. What do you suggest? Huge thanks!