What happend the last 7 months – thank you

Hi Brooke and team, I enrolled in January and thouhgt it is time to give some feedback. Will keep it short and sweet.
3 years ago a tried to commit suicide, was diagnosed with bipolar 2. Started taking mood stabillisers which caused a lot of weight gain. Over the last three years I started self medicating with wine! Then in December last year I saw your add re stop overdrinking. I made a drastic decision. I went to my doctor and with his help I went of all my medication. He still monitored me so it was safe. I enrolled with you and this is what happend over the last 7 months.

I stopped overdrinking completely, sometimes I have the occasional glass of wine if we go for lunch, but that is seldom and always stays at 1 glass.
I have started exercising, xfit, 6 days a week, what a shock to the system but I love it so much.
I have lost 6kg, 10 more to go.
I have stopped overeating and follow a strict healthy vegan diet at the moment.
I am able to control my thoughts and have minimum anxiety.
I am diciplined and at peace with who I am.
I wake up every morning feeling so thankful that I found you. You have hepled me to turn my life around and I am busy working on the best me I can be. I shall never stop working at this. I love self coaching scholars and want to thank you for giving me the tools to take control of my life.
Yvette from South Africa