What happened and how can I do better next time?

I did one day of following my protocol and then yesterday I was able to follow it until after dinner. I unconsciously made the choice to drink more and more wine which then led to me eating a lot of sugar. I did a thought download and model. I can’t really pinpoint the exact thoughts that were going through my brain, which justified me making the decision to not follow protocol.

I’m struggling with both the food and wine. The wine tends to give me permission or need because I have too much to “soak up” the wine with flour and sugar which is off my protocol. I’m working on the Stop Overeating program but I wanted to know should I focus on the drinking more than the food? I have 30 pounds to lose and need to work on my mindset around this, but I have wine every night and it becomes my way of justifying eating more than I need especially around flour and sugar. I’m not sure how to allow the urges when I’m so far past the point of awareness when I’m in the moment. My model :
T: I can’t stay on my plan for food and drinking
F: hopeless/ frustrated
A: drinking more and giving into eating f/s, spending tons of time online looking at diets or over-consuming videos on this program
R: I choose to not stay on my plan with food and drinking

T: I believe I have the choice to stay on my plan with my protocol for food and drinking
F: unsure – not sure how I do this when I am in the moment.
A: allow urges to pass through me and journal ????
R: I choose to stay on my plan.

I’m not sure my protocol is realistic/ can you offer some advice or suggestions? –
the window is from 9am to 8 pm

coffee with unsweetened almond milk
b- protein shake with fruit
l- veggies – 6oz with greek yogurt 3/4 c and 10 almonds
d- large salad with protein