What I have invited into my life

A month ago, I made a list of 25 impossible things. COMPLETELY ridiculous things. A month later, I’ve already completed 3, I have 7 in progress by calendaring results, and I just signed up for a conference in February where, wildly and without originally intending to, I have decided this is an opportunity to (try) to tackle 5 more.

It’s DAY FREAKING THREE into the quarter. I look at that list of 25 every day, and suddenly, a lot of those things are not so terribly impossible; they are more a matter of how and what I have to do. WTF! This is my life. I can’t even right now. Calendaring my results is the key to EVERYTHING. I just wish I knew this earlier.

MY KID is watching me do this, be this. This could be NORMAL to her. Wow.