"What if…"

Sometimes, I just spiral and my thoughts spin out of a control. I have a lot of “what if..” thoughts

What if this is a mistake?
What if I regret it?
What if I can’t do it?
What if I fail?

It’s really hard to give equal airtime to thoughts like:

What if this the most rewarding decision I could have ever made at the time?
What if I am happy as hell?
What if I DO do it?
What if I win?

It’s like the first round of thoughts always yells at me and the second set is in the corner, whispering and I can barely hear it.

I answer all the questions. It doesn’t really make me feel very good, just makes me feel tired.
The answer tends to be “Well, then you’d do some thought work on it and figure it out” aka “you’d cross that bridge when you got there”

I’d rather not ask these questions at all, but they CREEP IN on me constantly. It’s a worry cycle.