What if I don’t know what I want? Letting myself get confused.

Is the answer to just get really curious with myself? This is what I think the answer may be.

I have recently uncovered some really interesting things through coaching. Things that I thought I wanted the opposite of…

For instance, I consider myself a striver but uncovered the desire for ease. It is a fantastic, feel good word for me that as a Type A personality who always worked hard, is so strange.

Another thing I uncovered was that while I have always considered myself a confident person I have a lot of self doubt.

So now, I am wondering what else I don’t know about myself. Like, I have no interest in dating but can I trust that or is it me hiding?

I tend to lump things together so perhaps I should stop making one thing mean the same for everything. Is this a thought download on knowing what I want or questioning myself or self doubt, self trust, etc. Or one for each? That is probably it… I think I am both making this harder than it needs to be AND trying to make it easy.