What if I don’t want it badly enough?

Hi Coaches!

I’ve been in Scholars for about a year now and have made so much progress in terms of my relationship with myself, with food, and as a parent. More recently, I have started to apply the coaching toward my career and business, and one thing that I have recognized is that I have a thought that I don’t want a business badly enough to do the work required to make it successful. The weird thing is that this model doesn’t make me feel sad or cause negative feelings. I have a great part-time gig that I love and a part of me just wants to spend time loving that and enjoying my days off rather than build a business. We are fine financially, though I obviously would make more if I were to work full-time but I think I’m okay with the trade-off.

I guess I’m writing because I want your permission that this is okay! Sometimes I feel guilty or embarrassed that I’m not more ambitious or driven, but I really just want to enjoy my life and have a good balance that this part-time work seems to provide me. I know these are all thoughts but when do you know if you should push yourself toward bigger goals vs. loving what you have?