What if observing my mind is just going to make me feel worse?


I’m feeling negative emotions and thinking that feeling negative emotions means something is wrong with me/the way I think/feel, and so I don’t feel like examining them; in fact, I feel afraid of examining them.

C: coaching – goal is to be curious and learn about how your mind works
T: I am afraid to learn how my mind works because my mind probably doesn’t work well; it’s been working this way all my life, never going to change, so then I would be more informed about something negative and be more discouraged
F: discouraged
A: judge self for thoughts, feelings, actions
R: not managing my mind, and still not believing I can manage my mind

C: same
T: same
F: afraid
A: try to avoid my mind

I’m not sure where to go with this. Seems very true at the moment.