What if she asks, why?

I just listened to yesterday’s call. So awesome! And I could relate to every caller!!

I could especially relate to Angela’s call about the woman she doesn’t want to be friends with. I’m all for being honest and just saying no, but what if the woman asks why when Angela turns her down for lunch? I would love for NO to be a complete sentence, but what if you say NO and the person asks why? How do you answer that while still being honest and not mean. I think if she answered honestly, “because I do not like you and do not want to spend any more time with you.” that would come off as mean, right? Is there a way to answer that without lying, but still being kind? This is really an issue as a recovering people pleaser who wants to be more authentic. I don’t have much experience with answering no as a complete sentence, maybe people don’t tend to ask why? Thank you!!