What If You Did Know?

Lady Awesomeness,

I find you repeatedly answering the don’t knowers with this – ‘What if you did know? Then what?’

I embrace this question daily when I write and cannot come up with the next idea for a scene.
I sit there and hear you ask me, ‘What if you did know?’
Then my brain finds something to write.
I may not like it, I may think it’s cliche, but I write it down just to get it written first.
I tell myself I am not allowed to have a judgmental opinion on it as long as it’s still a work in progress.
Then when it’s done I can look at it with a fresh cup of coffee and make it better.

So thank you for choosing thought-provoking questions to present us with. Asking the right questions turns out to be crucial to growth. Well, questioning everything in general, really.

That Screenwriter