What is "enough" follow up

In the answer to the previous question about figuring out what is “enough” for me in terms of building my business, a coach asked:
– How would we know if you were doing enough?
My answer: I’m booking consults
– How would we know if you were doing it right?
My answer: I’m signing clients from those consults
– What does doing enough and doing it right look like?
My answer: I evaluate all the nos and the no-shows, I experiment with different ways of making the same offer (workshops, webinars, live videos, networking events, etc.), without judging myself against the results, I meet new people every week and build relationships with them

C: My coaching practice
T: It could be easy to sign clients
F: Curious
A: I allow space on calendar for consults. I show up in FB groups, LinkedIn posts, networking events to add value with authenticity and without expectations. I prepare for consults ahead of time. I evaluate all consults regardless of decision. I’m curious about people’s problems without judging. I don’t convince. I stay out of my own head. I self-coach. I get coached. I experiment with the equation (offers – nos = yeses).
R: I make it easy to sign clients

I think I don’t believe right now that it could be easy to sign clients.