What is my belief?

I would like to begin the work to change a belief that I have!

My belief:
I believe that no one likes me
I need others to give me validation
I believe I don’t have value, ergo I need the validation

1. Can other people be in our belief line? I remember that other people can’t be in our model… because we are the ones doing this to ourselves? We are creating this for ourselves? So with that logic, can other people be in our belief line?
2. Can my belief (that I want to change) be: I believe that no one likes me.

I believe that no one likes me.
Questions to change my belief (please let me know if I’m on the right track!):
What if I believe that people like me. I know that people do, even if it is for brief moments, they don’t have to like me all the time. What is “liking me”? Can I define that? Do I want to continue to choose to believe that no one likes me? Does that feel good? I like myself. I think I’m pretty rad, I just don’t understand why no one else does… (do I need a model here?) I don’t understand why I don’t have like a million friends texting me all the time asking me to go to dinners and to go hang out or do something cool

I believe that I don’t have value
Questions to challenge this belief:
First off, how do you measure if you have value or not? It’s so vague… What if I begin to believe, I do have value Brain! I can feed myself and I don’t depend on anyone else to live. I can drive and I can read. (lol don’t know what else to say to challenge this belief)

Is it helpful to ask “why do I believe I don’t have value?” I’m a bit afraid to ask this because I can feel my brain is so ready to give me a ton of evidence to answer this question I feel like I might drown.