What is my circumstance?

I wrote down what is on the schedule for the day.
As to my mini thought download, two thoughts comes to mind. It has to do with the task of creating and scheduling my weekly social media content for my business. This will be the first time I’m creating and scheduling the content for the week. In the past, I would always “wing it”. My goal with this task is to be more intentional and produce more value for my followers.
Thought #1: While I know what my topics will be for Sept and October, my thought is that I don’t know which topic to start with first and I won’t be able to get this task done timely.
Thought #2: I don’t know what my followers want to hear from me since there has not been a lot of engagement due to my absence on my page and I won’t be able to get this task done timely.
In order to work on the Unintentional Thoughts and Intentional Thoughts, I would like help identifying what my Circumstance is. Would the Circumstance be “I’m Creating Social Media Content”?