What is the C for my before and after process?

Hi Brooke,
I’m taking myself through my own before and after process with my models and my weight. I want to look at where I am now and where I want to go, but I’m not clear on the “after” model and what that really means.

Here’s my unintentional model:

C: 145 lbs
T: I’m fat and ugly
F: self-disgust
A: Hide my body from the world, eat my feelings
R: I gain more weight

For where I’d like to go (my intentional model and the “Me” after achieving my goal), I’m trying to figure out what my C would be — would my see be my current weight? or would my C be my goal weight of 130. Like this?

C: goal weight of 130
T: I want to be active and healthy so I can play with my kids
F: inspired
A: stick to my protocol, allow urges
R: I achieve my goal weight of 130

Is this a correct “after” model?